Tomcat VS D-Con Rat Poison

Tomcat VS D-Con Rat Poison 2024- Which One is Better?

One of the most annoying feelings that homeowners experience is having a rat or mouse infestation. These pesky little creatures are very disturbing and won’t give you peace when they arrive at your home. Rats and mice destroy things in the attic, eat leftovers, chew your documents into pieces, and sometimes even your clothes. They also urinate and leave their solid waste in different areas of the house, giving you double the cleaning work. If left to thrive, these irritating rodents will multiply rapidly and cause nightmares for you.

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That’s why it is very crucial that you deal with them immediately after you spot one of them. Some people prefer using traps while others prefer using poison. If you are afraid of seeing a dead rat or animal, then you are better off with rat poison. Rat traps are considered inhumane and they kill slowly when compared to mice poison. They are also tedious as you have to dispose of the dead rat. Rat poison is the best as it kills slowly and many mice or rats can feed on it at once.

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Comparison: Tomcat VS Dcon

With so many rat poisons on the market, we decided to compare the Tomcat and Dcon rat poisons. Which one do you think is the best and why? Different people have different arguments but we will find out which one is the best.

Tomcat rat poison

Tomcat rat poison is one of the famous brands on the market. Made in the USA, the Tomcat rat and mice poison is one of the most effective rat killers that you can use in eliminating these irritating creatures in your homestead. The brand offers different rat and mice poisons with most of them comprising active ingredients like diphacinone, bromethalin, and bromadiolone. Some notable rodent killers are the Tomcat all-weather bait chunx, Tomcat rat and mouse bait, Tomcat rat killer II and Tomcat Mouse Killer III.

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Tomcat is also known for its all-weather baits that can be placed both indoors and outdoors. Using Tomcat rat poison is easy as they are created with human food ingredients and thus you don’t need to mix them with any other bait for them to work. The only shortcoming is that this poison is recommended for only rats and mice and not other rodents. When consumed, Tomcat rat poison normally takes days or weeks for the rat or mouse to perish.

Dcon rat poison

The Dcon rat poison brand is one of the most famous and it is very effective in killing rats, mice, chipmunks, squirrels, voles, and many other rodents. Unlike many other rat poison brands, Dcon kills faster and the victim only needs to feed on the bait once for the impact to be felt. Also, this product is ready to eat and you don’t have to mix it with any other food like butter for it to work.
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After eating the bait, the rat can die after 3 to 6 days. Dcon rat poisons are usually made of an active ingredient known as brodifacoum, which is very lethal in suffocating them to death. The rat poison causes the rodents to die from internal hemorrhages. Currently, Dcon has introduced a less-lethal rat poison made of an active ingredient ‘vitamin D3’. This is safe to use around the home as it is not poisonous to pets or kids. But the rodent has to feed several times for the impact to be felt.

Differences between Tomcat VS Dcon rat poison

After going through these two rat poisons, you can see that they have some differences. First of all, Dcon is a very popular brand when compared to the Tomcat rat killer. However, Tomcat has been proven to be less lethal than Dcon but it also has to be handled with great care as it can still harm both kids and pets if consumed. Both of these poisons have an antidote which is vitamin K apart from the Tomcat rat killer II which has no antidote and the Dcon bait block with cholecalciferol (vitamin D3).

Another difference is that the Tomcat rat poison takes longer to kill when compared to the Dcon rat poison. Dcon is estimated to kill after just one feed and it takes around 3 to 6 days for the rat or mice to die. In most cases, the mouse takes just a few hours to die. On the other hand, Tomcat rat poison takes at least 5 days, a week, or even two for the rats to die. So, it is clear that Dcon is more lethal than Tomcat.

Due to its popularity and effectiveness, the Dcon rat poison is more costly when compared to Tomcat rat poison. So, you should be ready to spend if you want Dcon. The advantage of Tomcat rat poison is that it is suitable for all weather conditions. Dcon is also very effective in killing Warfarin Norway resistant rats and Warfarin Norway resistant house mice.

When using these rat poisons, you should strategically place them in areas where rat and mice activities are high and they should be out of reach of children and pets. Therefore, it is a good idea to use pet and dog-resistant bait stations. So, if you want to kill many rats and quickly, Dcon is the best poison to use. But if you are on a budget and want to clear a lot of rats and mice slowly, then you should use Tomcat rat poison.

5 thoughts on “Tomcat VS D-Con Rat Poison 2024- Which One is Better?”

  1. as I stand in a store aisle in front of various mouse bait and traps, I am very thankful to have read your informative article. Although you may find some spelling mistake in my comment(though I am an English major😁, but it may not be noticeable because I’m tired & it’s late, so please take my word in jest😇), it was still highly effective at answering my question of the differences between two particular poisons. thank you.

    1. I agree I tried the Dcon and one rat got into the bag and literally ate or stored the entire thing and never died, as in the Tomcat 3 days later I found it after I followed the smell of decomposing flesh.

  2. I will continue to use Tomcat. My dog is a greyhound, weighs 70 lbs. He ate one cube of Tomcat poison. One hundred percent my fault, of course. Never, ever again. I called Poison Control and learned that my dog would survive, no lasting harm done. And so it was. I will be much, much more careful than previously. Terrible mistakes will be made, but they need not be fatal.

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