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Best Rat Poison 2024 (Do It Yourself & Avoid Expert Cost)

When rats or mice infest your home, they can cause a lot of havoc inside the house and its environs. Normally, they spoil food, leave feces around, and can even bite you as you take a nap. If not eliminated quickly, rats can multiply very quickly and destroy your things at a very high rate.

It doesn’t matter if they are Norway rats or roof rats; they will still destroy your property. If you are faced with such a situation, there is no need to panic as there are various rat poisons that you can use to get rid of rats, mice, and other rodents. You may use a tricky rat trap or electric rat trap if you can deal with dead rats. However, poisons are more user-friendly to kill rats silently. So, how do you find the best rat poison on the market? I have tested these poisons, and they worked effectively.
Best Rat PoisonWhy spend lots of money on pest control contractors? You can quickly get rid of rats if you use these types of effective rat poisons.

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How to get rid of Rats? Easy Steps to follow:

  1. =>Buy a rat poison pack(Below our recommended list).
  2. => Inspect and figure out the rats entering locations(Corner holes).
  3. => Leave rat poison in rat-infested areas.
  4. => Wait 3-7 days to see the result(Poison doesn’t kill a rat instantly).

The rat will eat the poison and go back to where they live and die from there.

Our Recommended Top 3 Effective Rat Poison Comparison Table

ImagesRat PoisonFeatures Of The Product
Our Top Pick
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NEOGEN RODENTICIDE 40-Pack Havoc Mouse and Rat Killer
Read Review
  • You can place this Strongest anticoagulant around any commercial or industrial areas even in the transport vehicles

  • Active ingredient: Brodifacoum

  • Weight: 10 pounds

  • Medium price
  • Affordable Choice for Farmers
    Check Price
    Farnam Just One Bite II Bait Chunks, 8lbs (64, 2 oz chuncks)
    Read Review
  • Ideal rodenticide vastly used in and around agricultural areas

  • Active ingredient: Bromadiolone

  • Weight: 9 pounds

  • Low price
  • Works Faster
    Check Price
    First Strike Soft Bait RAT/MICE Rodenticide Poison
    Read Review
  • New soft bait rodenticide usually used in high rat infested areas

  • The bait's aroma attracts mice easily

  • Active ingredient: Difethialone

  • Weight: 17.61 pounds

  • High price

  • Summary of Contents

    After consuming the poison, rodents usually die after several hours or weeks. On the other hand, a mouse dies within a day. Due to their large size, rats die slowly, within a week or two. So, are you looking for rat poison to bring peace to your house or barn? In this review, we have chosen the best rat poison that is very effective in eradicating rats and other rodents in your house or around the compound. These are as follows:

    Top Rated Best Rat Poison Reviews 2024

    We have selected ten rat poison that really works. These effectively kill the rats.

    Farnam Just One Bite II Bait Chunks

    Are you tired of the pesky mice making noise at night? Look no further than the 8lbs Farnam Just One Bite II bait chunks. This rat poison is very effective in killing Norway rats, house mice, warfarin-resistant Norway rats, and roof rats. This bait is great for use near agricultural buildings like a barn. You can also use it indoors, but it can be dangerous for your kids and pets. Besides killing rats and mice, this bait chunk can also be used to kill squirrels, roaches, and chipmunks. Simply place a small portion of the bait around the farm or compound, and you will see results after some days. If you are looking for a quality poison that works, then buy this best-effective rat poison.
    farnam rat poison active ingredientCheck Price

    Unlike other rat poisons that can’t kill Warfarin-resistant Norway rats, this one is capable of doing so. The rat poison pellet is created to kill within 4 to 5 days after eating the bait. In addition, it contains an active ingredient known as Bromadiolone that can kill after only one feeding. If this poison is accidentally ingested, it is recommended to take vitamin K1 and, afterward, get in touch with a poison specialist. With such a huge quantity, you will use the 2 oz chunks for at least one year or so, depending on how often you use them.


    • It is very effective in killing rats, mice, and rodents.
    • The quantity (60 pellets) is enough for an entire farm or for use around your compound.
    • It contains Bromadiolone that can kill the rodents and mice just after a few days or weeks of feeding on the bait.
    • It is not convenient to use as the rats normally consume and go to die in their hiding instead of your house. So, you won’t smell the bad odor.
    • The poison is easy to use as you just place baits in areas where rats or rodents live or pass.


    • It takes longer to kill one rat, which may cause impatience in some people.
    • It is very dangerous to use inside the house as it can kill pets, animals, and even humans. Ensure the kid doesn’t get in touch with it.

    Just One Bite Li Bars Mice and Rat Killer

    This is one of the most effective rat and mice killers on the market. It is favorably priced and functions excellently. Similar to the above rat killer, the Li bars are very effective in killing rodents as well as rats and mice. The Just One Bite Rat Bar & poison is one of the most notable rat killers on the market and takes very little time to kill a rodent or animal that feeds on it. It has a formula that is toxic and suffocates the rats and mice to death. Moreover, this rat poison is large enough to cover a farm, barn, or the entire house. You will be saved from buying any other rat poison any time soon after acquiring this one.
    Check Price

    Whether you want to kill roof rats, Norway rats, warfarin resistant Norway rats, or house mice, this rat killer will help you do so. The active ingredient in the Li bars is Bromadiolone. This kills the rats slowly, and you won’t even see them in your house after a few weeks of use. Attach the bar using a nail or plant it somewhere in the attic, barn, or farm where the rats are usually spotted.


    • It is very effective in killing rats, mice, and other rodents.
    • It is large enough to sustain you for a long while
    • This poison contains an active ingredient in Bromadiolone which suffocates the rats or mice till they die.
    • It is very easy to use by just attaching it to a central place using a nail where rats and mice will feed on it and not run away with it.


    • It is not good for use indoors as pets or animals will suffocate if they feed on it. This includes your kids.

    Tomcat All-Weather Bait Chunx

    If you are tired of the creepy creatures in the attic or barn, then it’s time to get rid of them by using the Tomcat all-weather bait chunx. Tomcat rat poison is an excellent rat killer as it offers different ways of killing rodents. First of all, you can use glue boards. Secondly, you can use the bait stations. And finally, you can use the bait chunx. With human food-grade ingredients, the rodents cannot resist the bait chunx and will come for more and more of it. Moreover, the bait contains both bromadiolone and Diphacinone ingredients that help in killing the rats and mice. It is an all-weather best rat poison.
    tomcat all-weather bait chunxCheck Price

    Similar to a good number of rat poisons, the Tomcat all-weather bait chunx doesn’t kill instantly. The rodent has to feed a good portion of the bait chunx in order to suffocate to death. But with the help of the glue boards and bait stations, the mice or rats won’t be able to run away. In addition, it can work in different weather conditions, unlike other types of bait chunx.


    • It provides the buyer with a lot of options, such as glue boards, bait chunks, and rodent stations.
    • It kills the rodents slowly.
    • This functions in all weather, be it hot, dry, or wet conditions.
    • The poison is favorably priced, so you can buy as much bait as possible until you clear the pesky rodents from your farm or attic.
    • It is made with human food-grade ingredients making it hard for rodents to resist it.


    • It is not effective in killing rats or mice as they need to feed a lot of the bait chunks in order for them to perish.
    • Many users have complained that it doesn’t contain the active ingredient bromadiolone as advertised.

    JT Eaton 166004 709-PN Bait Block Rodenticide Anticoagulant Bait

    The JT Eaton 709-PN bait block is very effective in killing small rodents in the house and around the farm. The bait is made up of a first-generation anticoagulant with a specially formulated peanut butter flavor that attracts and gets rid of rats and mice. Also, it has an active ingredient, Diphacinone, that perfectly kills smaller rodents. When rodents feed on this bait, it will take a few days before they pass away.
    jt eaton rat poisonsCheck Price

    The product comes with 144 bait blocks that will be enough to feed on the rats or mice in your house and eliminate them completely. Additionally, the blocks are kept in the Tamper evident, resealable pail where they are safe and can be used for a very long while. The JT Eaton 166004 rodenticide anticoagulant bait is great for basements and garages, where rats come out to feed and hide when lights are out. On top of that, the manufacturer offers a one-year warranty against defects in material and workmanship. JT Eaton is a reliable company, and this bait will help you eradicate small rodents from your home.


    • It easily eliminates small rodents as it contains Diphacinone
    • The anticoagulant block bait is particularly formulated with peanut butter flavor to attract and kill mice and rats.
    • The 144 bait blocks are enough to use for over a long period of time
    • Easy to keep in the tamper-evident, resealable pail
    • One-year limited warranty


    • It is not very effective in eliminating rats and mice as it contains first-generation anticoagulants
    • The rodents have to eat a lot of the bait blocks in order to suffocate to death.

    D-con Ready Mix Baits Bits For Mice

    D-con is a very notable name when it comes to rat killers. The D-con ready mix baits are very effective in killing rats, mice, squirrels, and other small rodents. The D-con rat poison contains brodifacoum, which is known to even kill rats or mice that are resistant to anticoagulant ingredients. In short, it can as well kill Warfarin-resistant Norway rats. When a mouse feeds on the bait, it will die after 3 to 6 days. It doesn’t need to eat a lot of the bait blocks in order to suffocate. This is the best rat poison for the garden.
    d-con ready mix bait bits ratsCheck Price

    One of the shortcomings of this mixed bait for mice is that they are expensive when compared to other rat poisons. Additionally, their D-con mouse trap also works great if you don’t want to use poison. Apart from that, it is very effective, and it will wipe away a rat or mouse population within your home. It doesn’t matter whether they hide in the attic, barn, or even on the roof. Also, it kills all types of rats, mice, and rodents. Use these bait bits with caution as they are very dangerous to your pets and kids.


    • It kills rats and other rodents very effectively
    • It contains brodifacoum, which is an ingredient that helps to kill rats or mice that are resistant to anticoagulants.
    • This comes with four bait traps that allow you to place the bait in different places
    • It has been found to be the most effective and reliable rat poison
    • It can kill a rat, mouse, or any other rodent with just one feed


    • The rodenticide is very costly when compared to other rat poisons of its kind
    • It is small in quantity and will force you to buy more in order to kill more rats if they are still in the house.
    • The product is no longer sold in the USA but can be found in some stores.

    Havoc Best Mouse Poison & Bait

    This is one of the most powerful rat killers on the market. When the rat or mouse feeds on this bait, they may even die the same night. The mouse bait is created with one of the most powerful ingredients in brodifacoum. This is second-generation bait, and it will kill almost instantly. So, there is no feeding of the rats constantly in order to kill them. It can kill Warfarin-resistant Norway rats, Norway rats, roof rats, and house mice. Furthermore, the Havoc bait contains highly attractive bait ingredients together with patented food processing techniques. This enables the rodents to feed on the bait.
    how does havoc rat poison workCheck Price

    The 80 bait blocks are a lot and will sustain the user for a very long while. The sealable container ensures that the bait blocks are kept securely for future use. Another advantage of this best rat poison is that it doesn’t evaporate like others, and thus, it can be baited around any product or vegetable without any effect. Keep kids and pets away from this bait as it is very dangerous and can suffocate them.


    • It is a second-generation anticoagulant, so it kills quickly with just one feed
    • It contains ingredients that attract and suffocate rats or mice to death
    • Easy to use bait that is ready for use
    • It doesn’t evaporate; thus not bad to be kept or placed near produce or vegetables
    • It comes in a sealable container that ensures that it is kept well for future use
    • This bait can kill all types of rats or mice as it contains brodifacoum


    • It is very dangerous and should be kept away from kids and pets
    • Not the best for outdoor use, like for killing squirrels on the farm

    Tomcat Mouse Killer I and Dog Resistant Refillable 2-Pack

    The Tomcat kid and dog-resistant refillable station are created to kill rats and mice effectively without causing any harm to your pets and kids. Additionally, the bait blocks are excellently built to kill up to 12 mice each. Furthermore, the Tomcat mouse killer is designed in a way that it cannot be interfered with by weather or by kids or pets. As a result, this makes this rat killer wonderful for both indoor and outdoor use. Thus, It is called the best rat poison for outdoors and indoors. The two bundles contain 16 bait block bags which lead to a total of 32 bait blocks.
    tomcat mouse killer kill ratsCheck Price

    So, if you have been looking for a very effective mouse or rat killer on the market, this is it. Not only does it kill but as well provides security to pets and kids. Therefore, you don’t have to worry as kids can play and not get in touch with the bait blocks. The problem is that the mouse killer is not very effective, and dumping the dead rats in the bait station is not an easy thing. This is very true, especially for individuals who are afraid of dead animals or rodents. Rat poison could be a good solution for them.


    • Tomcat is very effective in trapping mice and rats as they cannot escape once they enter the bait station.
    • It is a very secure way of killing rats and mice as kids and pets are safe from it.
    • It is very easy to use by just setting up the bait station and inserting the bait blocks inside.
    • The bait station is resistant to weather, and thus it can be placed inside or outside the house.
    • The two-pack refillable station is enough to wipe out an entire mice population in your home.


    • It involves a lot of work as the user has to empty the bait station after trapping and killing rodents.
    • It is not the most effective way of killing rats or mice, as you will hear smell after trapping them.

    Neogen Rodenticide 40-Pack Havoc Mouse and Rat Killer

    The Neogen Rodenticide 40-pack havoc mouse and rat killer is an excellent rat poison that will wipe away the rat and mice population in your home by just feeding once. The Havoc rat & mouse poison is made up of pellets that are ready to use. These are all-weather, and as a result, they can be placed inside or outside the house. Just leave the pellets in their pack and let the rats, mice, or squirrels chew them. This mouse killer is very effective in performance because it contains a strong anticoagulant. In addition, it has a second-generation anticoagulant that eliminates the rat or mice with just a single feed. So, no pellets will be wasted at all.
    Neogen Rodenticide rat killerCheck Price

    Apart from being securely kept in packages, the Havoc Neogen rodenticide mouse killer comes in a sealable container for extra safety during storage. So, you can be assured of using this rat killer for many years to come.


    • This kills rats and mice very effectively.
    • It contains a second-generation anticoagulant that suffocates the mouse or rat when it consumes the bait block.
    • It is an all-weather bait, so it can be used both indoors and outdoors.
    • The bait is enough to eradicate the mice or rats in your home regardless of the type.
    • It doesn’t just kill rats or other rodents, but it also turns them into dust. So, there is no bad smell that you will hear in the attic or from the roof.


    • It is harmful and should be kept away from pets and kids

    Motomco 008-32345 Tomcat Rat and Mouse Bait Pellet

    Made in the USA, the Tomcat rat and mouse bait pellet are some of the most reliable and popular rat killers on the market. They are made up of Bromadiolone and Diphacinone active ingredients. This ensures that when the rat or mouse feeds on the bait pellet, they suffocate and perish after some days. The rat or mouse has to feed more in order to suffocate quickly. The bait is as well made up of various feeds that attract rodents to feed on them. However, Tomcat and D-con have lots of competition. But, Motomco is the best rat poison for outside use.
    motomco tomcat mouse and rat bromethalin bait chunxCheck Price

    Since the bait chunx are all-weather, you can place them inside or outside the house. With this amazing price, there is no doubt that you will be able to use the bait pellets for a very long while. The bait pellets are available in 10 lbs. Use this rat killer to eradicate roof rats, Norway rats, and house mice. So, if you are on a budget and looking for an effective rat and mouse killer, the Motomco Tomcat rat and mouse bait pellet is the best option for you.


    • It functions very effectively in killing rats and mice
    • It can kill different types of rats, such as Norway rats and roof rats, as well as mice
    • This bait pellet is made in the USA with the best feeds that attract rats and other rodents
    • It is an all-weather rat killer, so it can be used both indoors and outdoors without any problem.


    • The poison is harmful to kids and pets. So, it should be kept away from them.
    • The poison takes time before the effect is felt on the rat and mouse as they have to feed a lot.

    First Strike Soft Bait RAT and Mice Rodenticide Poison

    First strike soft bait rat and mice rodenticide poison is a powerful and effective rodent killer. It contains strong anticoagulant ingredients that kill Norway rats and house mice after taking a lethal dose in just one night. Apart from this, it can also kill Warfarin-resistant Norway rats and roof rats if they consume the bait pellet in 5 to 6 days. Similar to other second-generation anticoagulants, First Strike soft bait rat and mice poison should be used with much care and kept away from kids and pets. The bait blocks contain Difethialone, and it has an aroma that attracts rats and mice to the bait station.
    first strike soft bait rat/mice rodenticide poisonCheck Price

    For the successful elimination of rodents in your barn, attics, sheds, dumpsters, agricultural buildings, and many more, you have to maintain a constant supply of the bait for at least ten days. Additionally, the block baits won’t melt in the bait stations, which makes cleaning the area easy and quick. It is the right rat poison to use in high-infested buildings.


    • Very effective in killing of rats and mice
    • It has strong ingredients that help in suffocating and eliminating mice and rats when they feed on it.
    • It can be used both indoors and outdoors as it is all-weather
    • This bait can kill rodents that are resistant to anticoagulants
    • The bait contains an aroma that attracts the rats and mice to feed on it
    • The bait pellets are well secured in a sealable container for future use


    • It contains dangerous ingredients that are harmful to kids and pets

    How rodenticides work

    Rodenticides are toxic to rodents in so many ways. In addition, rat poison can harm human beings and pets as well. Rodenticides usually have two types of ingredients. They can be coagulants or anticoagulants. Active ingredients in rodenticides that are anticoagulants include diphasic none, warfarin, and Bromadiolone. These disrupt the blood’s ability to clot, leading to internal bleeding, and rodents suffocate from internal hemorrhages. On the other hand, products with non-anticoagulants affect the nervous system. Others can increase the levels of calcium in the blood, leading to kidney, liver, or heart failure. They usually contain ingredients like bromethalin or cholecalciferol.

    Rat poison ingredients are rodenticides and are categorized into the first-generation and second generation. They usually contain Bromadiolone, Diphacinone, Brodifacoum, etc. First-generation poison kills rodents slowly. Also, there are several days of feeding required. This type of poison has a cumulative effect, so the rodents do not die instantly but instead after a few days. For good results, the rats should eat the poisonous bait repeatedly. For the second generation bait, this is a bit different as just one single feeding is enough to kill the rats. If you are thinking of buying traps, then check some of the best trap lists. Even, Electric mice and rat traps are available on the market now.

    Which is the best rat killer to use?

    Depending on where you want to bait the rats, different rat killers may be convenient to use. For sheds, farms, or barns, the best thing to use is rat baits. You can tie or plant the baits in places where the rats or other rodents are overfond. But for small places like inside the house, trapping or using poison is the best solution. This also prevents pets and children from consuming the dangerous rat baits. You should be aware of rats and mice as they can learn to identify and avoid toxic baits. Change baits from time to time with poisonous and non-poisonous.


    With so many types of rat poison on the market, it is important that you choose the type that will work in your house or on the farm effectively. Some rat poisons take some time to take effect, while others kill almost instantly. When buying the best rat poison, consider things like kids, pets, and animals in the house and around the compound. Most of the rat poisons are toxic and can suffocate even human beings if taken. The rat poisons that we have discussed above are some of the best and will work effectively in ensuring that you wipe out the rat or mice population in your compound.

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