Since you’ve selected rat traps over other types of rat control like rat poison, rat bait or rat bait stations, then we will help you examine, compare, and choose the best rat trap for you.Best Rat TrapRats are a nuisance in any home or business as they can multiply quickly and destroy things just within a few days of infestation. As a result, the best way to combat them is to set up a rat trap that will combat them effectively and in the most humane way possible. But since rats are very intelligent creatures, you will have to select a trap that is very effective and tricks them into getting used to the trap before actually trapping them.

Our Recommended Best Rat Trap Comparison Table

ImagesRat TrapOur RatingPrice Idea
Best Choice
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Pest Control Rat Traps (Set of 6) by Kat Sense | Humane Rat Trap for 100% Kill Results | Safe & Sanitary Rodent Killer with Bait Cup | Effective Anti-Rodent Infestation Solution | Reusable & Mess Free
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98 out of 100Lowest
Farmar Choice
Check Price
AB Traps Pro-Quality Live Animal Humane Trap Catch and Release Rats Mouse Mice Rodents Squirrels and Similar Sized Pests - Safe and Effective - 16" x 7.5" x 7.5" Single Door
Read Review
97 out of 100Medium
Check Pricemade2catch Pack of 4 Classic Metal Rat Traps Fully Galvanized - Humane Rat Traps That Work - Snap Rat Trap - Durable Reusable Rat Trap - Effective Rat Traps - 4 Traps
Read Review
96 out of 100Lowest
Editor's Choice
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Rat Zapper RZC001 Classic Rat Trap (4 Pack)
Read Review
95 out of 100High
Check PriceTomcat Rat Snap Trap- Pack of 4
Read Review
94 out of 100Lowest
Check PriceRolling Log Mouse Trap The Original Perfect Kill/No Kill Trap for Mice, Rats & Other Pests & Rodents - Humane, Non Poison - Caught 11 Mice in 1 Night!
Read Review
93 out of 100Lowest
Check PriceVictor Metal Pedal Rat Trap (Pack of 12)
Read Review
93 out of 100Low
Check PriceBuyplus Rat Traps - Big Mouse Trap Snap Power Rodent Killer(4 Pack), Mice Trap,Sensitive Reusable and Durable (4 Pack rat traps)
Read Review
93 out of 100Lowest
Check PriceTrapro Humane Rat Trap Cage for Rats Mice Chipmunks and Other Similar-Sized Rodents
Read Review
93 out of 100Lowest
Check PriceTomcat 0361710 Rat Snap Trap
Read Review
93 out of 100Lowest

With this in mind, there are various rat traps that you can select from which are electronic traps, glue traps, live traps, and snap traps. All these traps are functional and will offer you good results, although, they vary in price, performance, and usage. First and foremost, electronic traps are one of the best. They function by sending a high-voltage electric shock to the animal which usually lasts for around two minutes to completely suffocate the rat. They normally use batteries.

Secondly, there is the snap trap. This is a simple, cheap, and traditional trap. It uses a spring mechanism and metal bar to snap the rat when it feeds on the bait. This method is considered to be inhumane and it is not very effective. Also, it is dangerous to set up the trap.

Another common kind of trap is the live trap. This is more suitable for people who don’t want to kill the rat but release it somewhere far away like in the woods. It functions by baiting the rat into the cage and it has no way out. This is a very humane method and very easy to use. The final method is the glue trap. Glue traps are safer than snap traps and use non-poisonous glues to trap the rats. The glue is applied over cardboard where the rat or mouse is trapped. You have to check the trap regularly as the rodent can disengage from it.

Top 10 Best Rat Trap Reviews 2021

After researching on and testing different types of traps, we managed to come up with the 10 best rat traps as follows:

Kat Sense Pest Control Rat Traps

Do you want to clear mice and rats very effectively? Look no further than the Kat sense rat traps. These traps are very effective and efficient in eliminating rats and can assure you a 100% kill. It comes in a set of 6 and it is reusable. So, after you trap a rat or mouse, you can release it without touching it, wash the device and reuse it. The Kat sense features a smart, integrated bait cup that enables you to place your desired bait for luring the mouse to the trap. It is built in a way that the rat won’t easily escape with the bait. If you want the best rat trap on the market then buy this.
Pest Control Rat TrapsCheck Price

The rat trap is as well sturdily constructed of polystyrene, which ensures that the trap lasts for many years and can be reused several times. With this trap, you can be guaranteed that the rat or mouse will be killed as it has high precision, stainless steel spring that will hold it in position with 35% more force than most traps. Above all, the trap is humane with its highly responsive mechanism with a sensitive pedal and particularly created teeth that guarantees a 100% kill.

This trap is different from other traditional snap traps in that it is washable and reusable. So, no foul odors or bloodstains will be left behind if you want to reuse it.


  • Sturdy construction
  • Provides a mess-free kill
  • It features a humane design
  • No escape with its highly responsive snap mechanism with a sensitive pedal
  • Rodents are killed fast and will little pain
  • Easy to dispose and refill the trap
  • Hassle-free money back guarantee


  • It is not very humane as users say you can hear the rats struggle as they take their last breath
  • Some users have reported rats or mice to run away with the bait

AB Traps Pro-Quality Live Humane Trap

If you want to catch rodents in the most humane way, use the AB traps pro-quality live trap. This trap is sturdily made to catch and contain different rodent sizes such as mice, rats, or even squirrels. The AB trap doesn’t kill or hurt the captured rodent. Therefore, it is safe to use for those who don’t want to see the sight of blood or a suffocating animal. The safe live trap allows you to release the captured rodent into an area of choice without harming them. It has no poison, chemicals, electricity, or glues that can harm the captured rat.
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Since it doesn’t harm the captured animals, this live trap is safe to use around pets or even kids. Also, it can be placed indoors or outdoors. Just set up the trap by following the instructions provided by the manufacturer. Unlike many live traps, the AB trap is extremely reliable as it features a patented locking mechanism that ensures that the caught animal doesn’t escape. The good thing is that you can reuse the trap after releasing the trapped animal. If you want better results, you better use sticky or scented bait like peanut butter instead of seeds. This will attract more rats or mice in the trap. Thus, it is one of the best rat trap ever you will get.


  • It is safe and very humane
  • It is reliable and can be reused
  • Simple and effective trap
  • No escape for the pesky creatures with the patented locking mechanism
  • Can be used for all kinds of rodents with squirrels included


  • Some clients have complained that it is not very effective as rats and squirrels found their way out after being trapped.

Made2cacth Metal Rat Traps

Whether you want to eliminate indoor rats or kill the rodents in the backyard, the Made2catch metal rat trap will effectively help you to do so. The Made2catch rat trap is sturdily constructed with a durable fully galvanized metal. In addition, it comes with strong springs and it is trigger sensitive. Thus, rats and other rodents won’t escape easily. The strong construction is specifically created for rats and other larger rodents like chipmunks and squirrels. That’s why it is very effective for outdoor use or for catching roof rats.
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Apart from being very effective in performance, the Made2catch metal rat traps are very safe to use as they contain no poison, chemicals, or glue. Immediately the rat or rodent triggers the trap, it will be snapped and killed right away without missing. Besides having outstanding features, the trap is also galvanized and hence resistant to corrosion. Also, the user gets a 100% money-back guarantee when they purchase this trap. This shows how much the brand believes in its products. After you have emptied or dispatched the dead rat, you can reuse this device by simply cleaning it and placing bait. This helps you save money in the long run.


  • Heavy duty snap rat trap
  • Fast and humane kill
  • It is sturdily constructed and reusable
  • The trap is safe to use as it doesn’t contain any poison
  • It is trigger sensitive
  • It is corrosion resistant
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • Very effective and easy to use


  • It is very difficult to load as it is extremely sensitive

Victor RZC001 Rat Zapper Classic Rat Trap

Tired of trying out unreliable trap methods? Use the Victor RZC001 rat zapper classic rat trap. As simple and beautiful as it appears the rat zapper electric rat trap is very effective and suitable for eliminating a large rat or mice population. This trap is powered by 4 AA batteries which have the capability to kill up to 20 rats. The rat trap is very effective in killing rats and mice by electrocuting them. All you have to do is to place attractant bait such as peanut butter and ensure that you don’t leave behind a human scent. Then, switch the trap on for it to be active.
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The high-voltage shock will be sent into the rat immediately it steps on the trap and it will suffocate to death. Since rats are able to restart their heart, the device passes the voltage for at least 2-minutes. You won’t see the dead rat or mice in the trap but you can dispose of it without touching the rat by simply flipping it into the trash. The trap is very easy to use as it will alert you with a blinking red LED light when the rat is caught. Also, it is very easy to use as you just have to insert 4 AA batteries.

This is an amazing mousetrap, though it is quite expensive. But also, it is worth every penny as it is not only humane but guarantees no escape for the captured rat or mice as it is killed almost instantly.


  • No need of touching the dead rat
  • It kills very efficiently and quickly
  • Victor trap is suitable for eliminating a high population of rats or mice
  • It kills humanely
  • The blinking red light notifies you when the rat is electrocuted
  • Easy to use and dispose of the dead rodent


  • It is quite expensive when compared to other traps

Tomcat Rat Snap Trap

The Tomcat rat snap trap is 5-times more effective than wood snap traps. The rap will serve you for many years as it is constructed of high impact plastic and rust resistant metals. This means you will be able to reuse the trap as many times as you want to. Also, the trap is very easy to use and it won’t take a lot of time setting it up. Simply remove the bait cups and place bait in them before setting the device. Set up is very easy as it can be done by either foot or hand. So, you shouldn’t be afraid that it will snap. Tomcat is a popular and best rat trap that you can buy.
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The trap is also very effective in killing rats and mice as it features patented interlocking teeth, which holds the rat to death. This trap is also safe and easy to use as you don’t have to touch the rat when disposing of it. For the trap to be effective, tie a wire to it so that it doesn’t disappear as some animals will eat the dead rat by pulling it. This is very important, especially if you have placed the trap outside. Also, the trap is very suitable for rats and mice. But it can also catch mice.

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  • It kills rats very effectively
  • Tomcat rat trap is sturdily built for long-term use
  • It is easy to use
  • The trap is very powerful and durable
  • It is easy to set by hand or foot
  • The trap is rust-resistant
  • It is hard for the rodents to escape as it features a patented interlocking teeth
  • Has a removable bait trap


  • None

Rolling Log Mouse Trap

The Original rolling log mousetrap is a unique and humane way of killing mice and rats. Simply purchase a bucket and ramps to set up the trap. Then, use bait like peanut butter and you’re ready to go. The rolling log will spin when the mouse tries to access the bait and fall into the bucket. Unlike other methods, this one is very effective and humane. The captured rats or mice ion the bucket can later be disposed of without touching them. This method is very easy and will help you to quickly eliminate the rodents in your home.
Check Price

The rolling log mousetrap is made of a lightweight material that enables it to spin freely. The rolling feature in the log is around 2-4oz. which is lighter than most mice. You can reuse this device several times and it is very easy to clean. In addition, it is very humane and safe to use as it contains no toxins or chemicals. Therefore, it is safe to use around pets and kids. Unlike snap traps, there is no danger of snapping your finger as you don’t have to load anything. With such features, you can be sure to eliminate the rat and mouse population in and around your home.


  • Easy to set up and use
  • Perfect for catching mice
  • Lightweight and effective design
  • It is safe and humane
  • The mice won’t have the chance to escape
  • Satisfaction guaranteed


  • Ramps and a bucket are not included and have to be purchased separately
  • Some clients complained that it didn’t spin and the mouse ran away with the bait

Victor Metal Pedal Rat Trap

The Victor metal pedal rat trap is the world’s no.1 selling best rat trap. It has been in use for more than 115 years and Victor has sold more than 1 billion snap traps around the world. One of the main reasons why it is the best snap trap is because it is very effective in eliminating rats and mice. The original wooden snap trap makes rodent control to be very seamless as long as you set it in the right way and place. Put the bait on the metal pedal which is very sensitive when triggered. Also, it features a very powerful kill bar that will kill the rat instantly it triggers the metal pedal.
Check Price

Despite being made of a wooden frame, the snap trap can be utilized both inside and outside the house. It is made in the USA and thus, it is very reliable. It is constructed using environmentally friendly wood harvested from FSC certified wood. After trapping the rat, you can use decide to dispose of the entire trap or release the rat, clean, and reuse the snap trap. The only challenge that this trap comes with is setting it up. It is very sensitive and can hurt you in the long run.


  • It can be used outdoors or indoors
  • It is very easy to use
  • The trap is extremely effective in catching rats
  • It features a powerful kill bar that kills rats instantly
  • Easy to setup


  • You have to use with caution as you can snap your finger
  • It is difficult to setup

Buyplus best Rat Trap

Buyplus rat trap is one of the most effective snap traps on the market. It is more effective than using electronic ultrasonic equipment or chemical drugs. It is sturdily constructed to last long and be used several times. Simply dispose of the rat and reuse the snap trap. When set properly, which is a bit challenging, you will be able to catch the rat or mice without escaping. Thanks to the high precision trigger mechanism on the mousetrap. Also, it is extremely sensitive and the rat will be killed instantly.
Check Price

The high quality and durable ABS plastic material are very easy to clean in case of a mess and can be reused many times. Easily set up the bait by removing the bait cup and placing the bait. Use attractant baits like peanut butter to lure the rats or mice to the trap. Then, use a foot or hand to set the trap for an effective catch. Place the trap where there is rodent activity buy away from pets and kids. This snap trap is great for catching or killing chipmunks, big mice, rats, squirrels, and even voles.


  • Effectively kills rats
  • Suitable for big mice and rats
  • Easy to use with the help of hand or foot
  • It is extremely sensitive
  • The Manufacturer offers a lifetime guarantee
  • Very durable
  • It can be reused
  • Has a powerful spring and sensitive pedal for excellent performance


  • The mice or rat can run away with the bait in some scenarios
  • It should be put out of reach of children and pets as it can harm them

Trapro Humane Rat Trap Cage

The Trapro rat trap cage is another high-quality humane best rat trap. The Trapro features a sturdy and durable galvanized steel construction that will last for many years to come. The cage is also rust and corrosion resistant. As a result, you can use it indoors or outdoors without any problem. If you’re afraid to touch or see a dead or bloody rat or chipmunk, this cage will allow you to catch and release the rodent while it is still alive. Setting the bait is very easy and the cage will allow you to catch all kinds of rodents around the house.
Check Price

Unlike some live traps, the Trapro live trap is very humane and sensitive. So, you need to handle it with great care in order to avoid hurting yourself as well. This is because of its extra sensitive pedal that triggers and shuts the door at a very high speed, giving the rodent no time to escape. In addition, to these amazing features, the live trap features a small mesh opening that traps the rat inside with no place to run to. If you want to use this trap to catch squirrels, then you won’t be successful. It is great for catching rats, chipmunks, weasels, and similar sized animals.


  • No way to escape
  • Made of durable galvanized steel
  • Easy to set up
  • Extremely sensitive
  • Very effective in catching rats and other similar size rodents
  • It is safe and humane
  • It is both rust and corrosion resistant


  • It is not very durable as some users have complained that some rodents chewed their way through the mess.

Tomcat 0361710 Rat Snap Trap

Tomcat is one of the leading producers or rat and mice control products. The brand offers all kinds of traps, baits, and bait stations. The Tomcat rat snap trap is very effective in eliminating rats and mice inside or outside the house. But it is not the best humane way of killing rats. The snap trap is made of a high impact plastic and rust resistant metal. The design of the trap is very aggressive and effective in killing rats and other rodents.
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Setting up this device is very easy as you can do it using your hand or foot. Remove the bait cup and place the bait in it. Then return it and set the trap to catch the rats or mice. When the rat feeds on the bait, the trap will instantly kill it or catch it with its interlocking teeth that make it to be almost impossible to escape. Set the trap in places with a lot of rodent activity. You should put them in the path of the rats or mice for great results. Dispose of the rat after catching it and reuse the snap trap.


  • Easy to place bait and setup
  • It is effective in killing rats and mice
  • You can set it up using hand or foot
  • Difficult to escape with the interlocking teeth
  • Easy to use and very powerful
  • Durable construction


  • Needs to be handled with care as it is very sensitive
  • Some users have reported that some rats ran away with the bait

The trap that you use depends on many things. For instance, an electric trap cannot be used outside where it can get in contact with water. The best rat trap for you should be able to eliminate the rat population very effectively. If you have pets in the house, glue traps and snap traps should not be utilized as you can endanger your pets, too. Live traps are great but a rat or mice can escape.

So, choose a trap that works well in your surroundings and helps you eliminate the rat population.


Question: What is the best bait for a rat trap?
Answer: The bait that you use to attract a rat to the trap is very vital. Ensure that you use something that will attract the rat and force it to have a bite. The best baits are peanut butter, cereals, bacon, meats, vegetables, and fruits.

Question: What is the mistake that people make when trapping?
Answer: Most people assume that after trapping a few rats, they have cleared the entire population. This is very wrong as you have to continue until you see no sign of rodent activity. Otherwise, keep setting traps and eliminating the rats.

Question: Where should I place my best rat trap?
Answer: Put the traps perpendicular to the wall where you notice rodent activity. And for rats, you should not set the trap for a few days so that they can familiarize with the trap before setting it.

Question: I’m finding it difficult to trap the rats, what should I do?
Answer: Rats and other rodents normally travel the same path over and over again. So, you should identify their path and put bait or bait stations on them. Their path is normally along the base of a wall or a similar vertical structure. Since rats will jump over obstructions on their way, you should put bait in both directions so that they can detect it before they jump over.

Question: How do I keep my pets away from the traps?
Answer: It is almost hard to prevent pets from having a taste of the rodent bait but you can still carry out measures that ensure that they can’t access them. For instance, you should always use bait stations. Cats or dogs cannot fit in bait stations, especially the ones that are enclosed. So, they won’t have a taste of the poison. Also, strategically place baits near rodent activity and away from your pet’s resting or playing areas.


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