How long does tomcat mouse poison last

How long does tomcat mouse poison last?- Tested result

How long does tomcat mouse poison lastAccording to the user review, Tomcat rat poison usually lasts up to six months if stored properly.

Among the mouse poison, the tomcat is one of the most popular. The reasons why the user who is trying to get rid of the rat chooses this rodenticide are:

  • Not so costly
  • Kills the rat in a single feed
  • Kills the rat rapidly
  • Lasts long for further use

How to store Tomcat rat poison for a longer time use?

To keep the bait safe and effective, the user should be careful when using the poison bait. Tomcat rat poison lasts for six months. However, if it is kept in a safe place with more caution, then it may also work for one year.

Once the poison is opened, it won’t last a long time in the air. So, the user has to keep it in an airtight bucket in a cool, dry place. It is safe to keep the poison at room temperature.Tomcat rat poison for a longer time use

Changing the rodent bait in bait stations at regular intervals over a 7- to 8-week period is beneficial.

It is better not to use the poison after its expiration date because the expired poison will not help you, and you will not be able to shoot the target. Rather, it will harm the environment as well as the species. This happens because the poison loses its effectiveness and spreads different toxic chemicals. Usually, the organic rat poisons break down after a specific time.

In using the poison, the user should be careful. If a man is poisoned, he will face many problems in his blood.


  • How long do mice live after eating Tomcat poison?

With the single feeding and a small amount of the Tomcat poison, the mice will die within 24 to 48 hours.

  • Does mouse poison expire?

If the poison is kept at room temperature and in a dry place, it will be effective for one year and then expire.

  • What is the shelf life of Tomcat rat poison?

The bait will work for a minimum of 1 year if it is stored at room temperature.

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