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First Strike Soft Bait Review 2023 (RAT/MICE Rodenticide)

First Strike Soft BaitIs your current bait not luring rats and mice? Use the FirstStrike rodent bait to lure and kill rats within a few days of consumption. Read this First Strike Soft Bait review to know why I am suggesting this bait.

Before rushing to buy the best rat baits on the market, you should read reviews and know if the bait you are buying is effective in performance or not. Why waste money on a bait poison or mouse killer that will not give you the results that you deserve? That’s not the case with the First strike soft bait from Liphatech. This bait kills slowly, but it will clear the rat infestation in your home within a few weeks of using it.

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Extremely Effective First Strike Soft Bait Reviews

Just as its name suggests, First strike soft baits are lethal and easy to use bait that is placed in tamper-resistant bait station rods easily due to their soft nature. It contains Difethialone as the active ingredient. In addition, the soft bait doesn’t have wax but an attractive aroma that makes rats and mice want to have a bite of the bait. Also, the block bait doesn’t melt like other rat poisons, and this does cleaning and servicing the bait stations easy and fast. Apart from that, the First strike soft bait pack has bromadiolone which takes effect after some days of consumption. So, in this case, the mice will die after 4 to 5 days of consuming it.
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For this bait poison to take effect, you need to continuously feed the rodents for at least 10 to 15 days. Or else, no rats or mice will be killed. Furthermore, you have to identify areas where mice or rat activity is rampant and place the bait station in these areas. You can use this bait inside or outside your house. But ensure that you strategically place them. For roof rats, you can utilize 2 to 8 packs per station, and for mice, 2 to 4 packs. Also, the bait for rats should be placed after 15 feet and for mice after every 10 feet. Avoid placing the bait in places where pets and kids can access it, as it can be harmful to them as well.

Pros of First Strike rat poison

  • It kills slowly but very effectively.
  • First Strike Soft Baits can be used both indoors and outdoors
  • It is very attractive to rats and mice due to its nice aroma
  • The bait doesn’t melt in bait stations which makes cleaning and servicing of the bait stations simple and quick.
  • It contains Difethialone as the active ingredient, which is effective in controlling rats.
  • You can use it in all weather conditions, even in cold environments
  • You don’t need to remove the dead mice or dead rats from your building.
  • The bait contains no wax, which makes it more attractive to rats and mice
  • The bait is soft and very easy to attach to bait station rods


  • It is not very effective in killing rodents as it needs constant feeding of at least 10 days for it to work.
  • You need to read the safety precaution carefully of the First Strike Bait.
  • It is a good idea to keep away from pets, kids, and other non-targeted animals.
  • FirstStrike bait cannot be used in areas with Warfarin Resistant Norway rats.

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Final thoughts

The First strike soft bait is a wonderful rat and mice killer that has to be fed continuously for the rodents to suffocate to death. It is very easy to use and has an excellent aroma that attracts the rats to it. Baiting this mouse poison is easy due to its soft nature. Simply identify the key areas where rats and mice are located and start eliminating them one by one as they feed on this lethal bait. In this First Strike Soft Bait review, I have tried to explain everything that you need to know. Using this rodenticide would give you a better result than other glue traps or snap traps.
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Q. Where should I place the new soft baits?
Ans. Look for areas where there is a high activity of rodents. Things like urine, feces, gnawing, and scratches should be identified. Then, place your baits in these areas. Also, identify hideouts places for rats and mice and place the baits in or near their dwelling areas.

Q. What active ingredient is used in First Strike soft bait?
Ans. First strike soft baits come with Defithialone as the active ingredient. But it also has bromadiolone which is slow in killing and takes at least 4 to 5 days to suffocate the rodent to death.

Q. How do I keep rodent baits away from my pets and kids?
Ans. You should place the baits in areas where the kids and pets cannot access them. You can place them on the ceiling where rats are rampant or in their hideouts. Also, you can purchase a kid-resistant bait station and place the bait chunks, pellets, or blocks inside them to prevent pets from consuming them.

Q. How much rodent bait do I need to kill the rats and mice?
Ans. For this particular poison, you will need to use at least 2 to 8 packs of the bait per placement. The rat bait positioning should be more spread than that of mice as they travel a long distance to just search for food and water. Also, you should constantly feed the rodents for at least 10 to 15 days before the poison can take full effect on them.

6 thoughts on “First Strike Soft Bait Review 2023 (RAT/MICE Rodenticide)”

  1. If a hawk or owl eats the dead mouse, will it die????
    I don’’t want to kill these beautiful birds but I’ve not found a site that says any mouse killer will not affect these predators!!!
    Please advise.. thank you!

  2. My house have a lot of mice. I called the pest control
    They put the mice posion. First strike
    After a few days i completely didnt see any mice at all. The first strike mice posion work very well
    I am very happy .

  3. The mouse would not eat the packet. I opened it and cut it into pieces and every day the pieces disappear. So the mouse is taking them or eating them. It’s now been like 10
    Days of me putting the pieces and the mouse taking it away. Is it possible the mouse is stocking it up but not eating it ? Alternatively , is it possible the bait is not working. I had a pest
    Control company come and they don’t think it’s a big infestation. I rarely see a mouse. But it is taking the bait. Could the bait not be working ?

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