If you’re looking for the number one rat and mice killer on the market, then you have come to the right site. The Tomcat brand is one of the best selling brands of rodent killers. It offers different products for killing rats, mice, moles, squirrels, groundhogs, and many more. Tomcat offers baits, traps, and repellents. Whatever rat or mouse killer that you choose from Tomcat, you can be guaranteed that it will reduce or eliminate the critter problem in your home or compound. Read this Tomcat mouse trap reviews to find the best mouse trap.

Our Recommended Top 2 Tomcat Mouse Trap Comparison Table:

ImagesTomcat Rat and Mouse KillerOur RatingWeightPrice Idea
Best Choice
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Tomcat Rat and Mouse Killer Child and Dog Resistant, Refillable Station
Read Review
98 out of 1001.96 poundsLow
Farmar Choice
Check Price
Tomcat Mole Trap
Read Review
95 out of 1002.15 poundsLow

Lots of people feel unsafe to use Tomcat rat poisons. But, Tomcat mouse traps are very effective in performance and very easy to set up. Most of them are kid and dog resistant, so you can use them around the house safely. For the traps to be effective, you need to place bait on them to lure the rats or mice, such as peanut butter or dried fruits. Also, you can place poisonous baits in the traps for greater results. Once the mice or rat enters the trap, it is very hard for it to escape or survive.

Top 2 Tomcat Mouse Trap Reviews 2021

Tomcat offers all kinds of traps, but in this review, we will look at mole, rat, and mouse traps.

Tomcat Rat and Mouse Killer Refillable Station

Tired of the squeaking or scratching noises in the ceiling at night? Get rid of the rats or mice in your home by using this highly effective Tomcat mousetrap. When left to breed, mice and rats multiply at an alarming rate. The Tomcat mouse and rat trap will give you peace of mind as it will eliminate their population within weeks or months of using it. This is because just one 30g bait block is enough to kill at least 3 rats.
Tomcat Rat and Mouse Killer Refillable StationCheck Price

Moreover, the Tomcat rat and mouse refillable station come with a see-through window that makes baiting to be easy. You can as well view if a rat or mouse has entered inside the station. This station is safe for use inside or outside as it is weather-resistant. Additionally, the refillable station is safe inside the house as it is kid and dog resistant. So, you can be sure that your pets are safe.


  • It features a kid and dog resistant refillable station
  • It is weather-resistant
  • Tomcat Killer Station effectively kills rats and mouse
  • It is easy to clean
  • The see-through window allows monitoring of the caught rats


  • None

Tomcat Mole Trap

Are moles a problem in your yard? The Tomcat mole trap is made of professional-grade materials that will make it last for over a long period of time. The mole features an innovative and effective design that guarantees you the capture of moles in the yard. With this device, you will kill one mole at a time, but it will provide you with good results. It is also safe and easier to use than most of the traditional mole traps.
Tomcat Mole TrapCheck Price

The Tomcat mole trap comes with a hands-free design, so the chances of hurting yourself during set up are very minimal. The best part is that this mole trap kills moles without drawing blood. Therefore, it is not messy, and you will have an easy time disposing of the dead mole. See set up instructions on YouTube and start eliminating the mole population in your yard.


  • Sturdily made for longevity
  • It is very safe and easy to use
  • It is simple to set
  • Tomcat trap effectively kills moles without drawing blood
  • It is a hands-free design
  • It has an innovative and excellent design


  • It is very challenging to set up


Question: Where should I place the Tomcat mousetrap?
Answer: Look for signs of rodent activity such as urine stains, feces, chew marks or even listen for scratching or squeaking sounds, especially at night when the lights are off. Put the mouse traps in areas with the highest activity of rodent control. If you put the traps and don’t catch or notice any rodent activity, change the traps to a different location. Also, put the traps where kids and pets cannot access them.

Question: Should I put bait in my Tomcat mousetrap? And which bait is the best?
Answer: A mousetrap alone won’t attract the mice or rats into the trap. You need to place some sort of bait so that the rodents can be lured into the trap. Bait blocks are the best, followed by pellets. But you can also use simple food baits like peanut butter or dried fruit to lure the rats and mice into the traps.

Question: How do I use a Tomcat mousetrap?
Answer: Tomcat mouse traps are very easy to use as you just have to place the bait inside the trap and place it where there is rodent activity. In addition, the Tomcat mouse traps are very easy to dispose of a dead mouse, and cleaning isn’t a problem as well.

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