Can you touch rodenticide with your bare hands

Touching rat poison with bare hands: Can it be absorbed through the skin?

Can you touch rodenticide with your bare handsRat poison is produced with the aim of killing the rat, but this poison is also harmful to humans. The use of this poison in an unconscious way may lead to bad consequences. The user should not only be careful using the rodenticide for rats but also for his children or pet animals.

Many people ask whether this poison can be absorbed through the skin or not as they use the poison with their hands. The answer is yes; rat poison can absorb through the skin. In the detailed discussion, we discovered it.

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Can you touch rodenticide with your bare hands?

No, you can’t. Rat poison can affect humans in various ways. First of all, it affects the human or animal with the ingestion directly or indirectly. The 2nd way is by touching the poison without wearing gloves. So the user can get poisoned if they touch it with their bare hands. The other way is by inhaling the poison at the time of use.

But there is the least possibility of getting poisoned directly. A man may be directly affected by rat poison when they eat food that is touched by a rat that is already poisoned.

Can rat poison absorb through the skin?

Rat poison is a matter of anxiety for humans for the reason that Anticoagulant ingredient exists in most rat poison that causes blood thinning. Thus ingredients can rapidly harm humans.

Another two ingredients of rat poison that are harmful to the human body are bromadiolone and brodifacoum. Thallium which is found in rare, can easily absorb in the skin and rapidly can harm the human body.

If children consume the rat poison or men unconsciously eat the poison, then it will lead to organ failure, coma, paralysis, death, and internal bleeding.

Usually, when using the poison, you should take safety measures such as wearing gloves and a mask over your mouth. As a precaution, read out all of the instructions that are given in the product that you have bought.

Symptoms and Treatment

If you accidentally touch the rat poison or your children touch it, then you are to show the symptom. The symptoms of affecting the poison do not show immediately, and it may take time.

As a primary step, rinse your skin with Dettol and other necessary ingredients for 15 to 20 minutes. Put off all of your clothes and wash them properly.

The best step is to take the help of the veterinarian or animal help support center. Never try to do the treatment for yourself in your own way, and never be satisfied with taking natural remedies. Remember, the more cautious you are, the safer you are.

The common symptoms by which you will reach the decision that you are affected by poison are given below.

  • From your nose, skin, or gums bleeding
  • Change mental status
  • Disrupted brain activity that can cause automatic muscle spasms and movement
  • Dehydration 
  • Headache
  • Internal bleeding can cause a problem with breathing and vomiting.
  • Lethargy

Bottom Line

However, the rat-poison infection in humans is not something to take lightly. Every year, a good number of people get poisoned with rat poison, and among them, a mentionable percentage are children. We should be very careful at the time of using poison and take all of the safety measures for ourselves, our children, and our pet animals. We also advise you to use Non-Toxic Repellents to get rid of the annoyance of the rat rather than using a toxic chemical that creates a lot of problems.


  • What happens if I get rat poison on my skin?

If you get rat poison on your skin, it will cause many bad consequences, including symptoms like bleeding from the nose, skin, or gums.

  • Can mouse poison be absorbed through the skin?

Rodenticides do not only attack with direct invasion; they also attack an animal or person by touching or inhaling it.

  • What do I do if I touch rat poison?

First of all, take off your clothes and wash your hands with the Dettol or so-on curative substances for 15 to 20 minutes and take the help of a veterinarian or animal help center.

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