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Tomcat Mouse Killer Reviews 2023 (Most Popular 2 list)

Tomcat Mouse KillerAfraid of seeing dead rats trapped or hit? The Tomcat mouse killer is one of those methods that allow you to slowly kill the rats without seeing them suffocate to death. As a matter of fact, the mouse or rat will feed on the bait block and go back to where they live and die from there. The stinking rat or mouse will notify you of the good job done by the Tomcat rat killer. In our Tomcat Mouse Killer reviews, I have added two mouse bait, which work excellent. Yes, I have tested these two.

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Our Recommended Top 2 Best Tomcat Rat Killer Comparison Table:

ImagesTomcat Rat PoisonProduct Details
Best Choice
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Tomcat Mouse Killer III (Kid Resistant Refillable Mouse Bait Station, Box w/ 4 Bait Blocks)
Read Review
  • More than 10 mice can be killed with just one bait block

  • Targeted Species: Mouse, Norway rats, and Roof rats

  • Product Weight: 7.2 ounces

  • Low price
  • Farmar Choice
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    Tomcat Mouse Killer Small Disposable Bait Station, 4-Pack 371610 (Kid Resistant Station)
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  • Ideal for indoor use as you can place it around kids and pets

  • Active Ingredients: Bromethalin

  • Product Weight: 0.64 ounces

  • Low price
  • Top 2 Tomcat Mouse Killer Reviews

    With the Tomcat mouse and rat killer, you will only harm the rodents and not your kid or pets. This is because they come with a kid-resistant bait station with a bait box. Also, using this bait station is easy as you don’t need to touch it. Every Tomcat mouse killer comes with 4 bait stations/bait blocks, which are enough to kill 12 mice.

    In addition, it is all-weather and can be used both indoors and outdoors. So, you can position it where the rats or mice activity is rampant.

    Tomcat Mouse Killer III Refillable Mouse Bait Station

    The Tomcat mouse killer III is an excellent rat and mouse killer as it comes in the form of a bait station. So, your kids and pets are safe as it is kid & dog resistant. In addition, it can be used outside the house as the bait station protects the bait block from extreme weather conditions. Unlike other bait stations, this one comes preloaded, and thus, there is no need to touch the bait at all. Also, the bait station is refillable, and one bait block can be used to eliminate 12 mice.
    Tomcat Mouse Killer ReviewsCheck Price

    This rodenticide is very effective in performance as rats and mice, or even moles, cannot resist it as it contains human food-grade ingredients that attract them. In addition, the active ingredient, which is bromethalin, is very powerful and will suffocate rodents to death. If you want this bait to be very effective and to eliminate all the rodents in your home, place several bait stations in different areas where rat or mice activity is high. This will help you eliminate these pesky creatures quickly. The clear lid on top of the bait station allows you to monitor if the mice are feeding on the bait block or not.

    Things we like about Tomcat bait station

    • It is very easy to use
    • Powerful rodenticide is very effective in eliminating a large rat or mice population.
    • The bat blocks are made with human food-grade ingredients that attract rodents to the bait.
    • It is child-resistant and suitable for indoor use.
    • The bait station is all-weather and even good for outdoor use
    • It is very effective in performance as just one block can eliminate 12 mice
    • The bait station has a clear lid that allows the user to know if the bait has been consumed or not.
    • It is sold at a very favorable price.


    • It is cumbersome to use as you have to dispose of the dead rodents in case it dies inside.
    • Several users have complained that the poison doesn’t kill mice as needed due to its active ingredient. Victor traps are more effective in that case.

    Tomcat Mouse Killer II Resistant Disposable Mouse Bait

    This is another effective mice killer from Tomcat. The Tomcat mouse killer II mouse bait is good for people who have kids or pets in the house. The device comes preloaded, and thus there is no need to touch it. It features 4 disposable bait stations, and each bait block can be used to eliminate 12 mice. The kid-resistant bait station can as well be used outside without any problem. After the bait is consumed, you should dispose of the bait station and place a new one.
    tomcat mouse killer child & dog resistant refillable stationCheck Price

    When the mice consume the bait block, it may take a few hours or a day for it to perish. But if it’s a rat, it may take 2 days or even more to die. This mouse killer contains bromethalin, which suffocates rodents to death. Also, you don’t have to worry about attracting the mice as the poisoned block is made up of human food-grade ingredients that rodents love. Simply place them in their path or near their playing area. They will consume and go back to where they stay and die from there.

    Pros of Tomcat Mouse Bait

    • It is very easy to use by simply inserting the bait block and wait
    • It is a kid resistant bait station and thus very convenient for using indoors
    • This Tomcat mouse killer comes with a clear lid for monitoring whether the bait has been consumed or not
    • You don’t have to touch the bait station when placing bait
    • It is cheaper when compared to other bait poisons
    • The blocks of baits are made with human food-grade ingredients to attract rats and mice
    • Control rodent issues or mouse problems better than sticky pads
    • This is an all-weather bait. Thus, it can also be used outside the house


    • It is only suitable for killing mice due to the size of the bait station, as other rats are too big for it
    • A good number of users have complained that it is not as effective as most of the mice didn’t even enter the bait station.

    About Tomcat Mouse Brand

    The Tomcat brand produces very reliable products that are able to reduce or eliminate the rat, mouse, mole, and gopher population. They offer mouse traps, rodent control, and pest control products. Actually, Tomcat is scientifically engineered to make rodent control very easy and effective. The brand has been able to come up with these products because of its partnership with Bell laboratories. Bell laboratories are rodent experts and have studied rodents and burrowing pests for many years now, and thus they know how they move, behave or think.

    How effective is Tomcat mouse killer?

    The knowledge provided by Bell Laboratories has enabled Tomcat to provide cutting-edge technology and great innovation in its products. That’s why Tomcat’s products have allowed homeowners and farmers to solve their rodent problems very efficiently. So, whether it is a Tomcat bait chunx, trap, or repellent, it will help you control, prevent, and kill rats, mice, moles, and even gophers in your compound, farm, or home.


    The Tomcat rat poison and mouse killer is one of the most used mouse poisons and bait stations on the market. It is kid-resistant and all-weather. So, it can be used both indoors and outdoors. The poison contains bromethalin, which is a very powerful active ingredient that eliminates the rodents quickly after feeding on it. Use bait stations to prevent kids or pets from consuming or getting in contact with the poison.

    Most Frequently Asked Questions

    Question: Where should I put the bait station?
    Answer: To effectively capture the mice, you should properly position the bait station in places where the mice feed, pass or play from. Areas such as behind the fridge, stove, or furniture are ideal. Look for things like droppings, rubbings, and gnawing. Don’t place it around small children or pets.

    Question: Is this bait safe for my kids and pets?
    Answer: This is safe bait as the bait block is placed in a bait station that is child-resistant. So, no kid or pet will access the bait or get in touch with it. But you should also place it away from kids or pets.

    Q. Can this bait be used for rats as well?
    Ans. Yes, the bait station can be used for rats and many other rodents. All they need is to have a bite of the bait block to suffocate to death.

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    11 thoughts on “Tomcat Mouse Killer Reviews 2023 (Most Popular 2 list)”

    1. If the mouse already ate the bait and ur pet get ahold of the mouse and killed it the rest of the way will it hurt ur pet.

    2. I have been buying tom cat bait blocks for over a year. My place and barn are less than 3 years old. What a waste of money . I have no feed available for mice to eat, however, i throw out 5 to 10 bait blocks a day. My security cameras show it is mice eating it. Population seemed to be growing and never saw a dead mouse so…. I bought several rat size glue traps and in a week I have caught over 200 yes 200 mice in my new barn. Tom cat does not work. I think it was their food. What a waste of money.

    3. My neighbor used this product;just the bait not the bait stations. Kids found 5 dead rabbits close to their property. Too bad , the rabbits weren’t bothering anyone. Haven’t seen any rabbits in days. They must have gotten them all. So Sucky

    4. I have heard scratching in the attic and in the wall. There are field mouse around cause we live near the woods. Can I just throw the bait blocks around the attic and keep the station for inside the house in case they would roam in the house since we are away for at least 4 months?????

    5. If a mice consumed the Bate and then goes and dies somewhere and you can’t find it how long will the smell stay. Or do the bait have any type of embalming fluid in it that will help eliminate the smell.

    6. I have used the GREEN poison for years. I saw 1 to 2 dead mice every week.
      Tom Cat changed the color and flavor and I have not seen a dead mouse
      for months.

      What happened to the original formula?

    7. My husband bought this he took it out of the case and just put the block out with peanut nutyer on it just for a lil added attraction. Well the mice rat or whatever took the whole block a week ago. Smh then just the other day he put another one out guess what that one is gone too. Waiting for smell of dead rat mice……

    8. Melissa Cunningham

      We are trying to catch a mouse in my office. We bought 4 of the mouse traps and the attraction gel and much to my disbelief, the gel was gone from all for traps and none of them were set off my our little critter. I went with the TomCat brand because it says “kills mice” right on the box. I am very disappointed with our experience so far and now need to find a better resource or product to help us with our little problem. I want my money back!

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