The mice can be very annoying in the house as they spoil food in the pantry, leave feces everywhere they pass, and make unnecessary noises in the roof as you try to sleep. If left to breed, the mice can multiply quickly and even cause more havoc to your property. As a result, if you discover that your house has mice, you should come up with a plan to immediately eliminate them. Some people prefer poison, while others prefer mouse traps. If you don’t like seeing the scene of a dead mouse, then mouse traps are the best.
In this D-con mouse trap review, we are going to discuss some of the best mouse traps on the market. These are from D-con which is a popular brand with a good track record.

Our Recommended Top 2 D-con Mouse Trap Comparison Table:

ImagesD-Con Mouse TrapOur RatingWeightPrice Idea
Best Choice
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D-Con Ultra Set Covered Snap Trap 1 Ct. (Pack of 5)
Read Review
98 out of 1006.7 ouncesMedium
Farmar Choice
Check Price
D-Con Tr ssss View, No Touch Covered Mouse, 1 Trap (Pack of 6), SSS
Read Review
95 out of 1001 poundsLow

D-con mouse traps are very effective and one of the best. They are very easy to use and set up. Just like traditional traps, D-con mouse traps use this technique, and the difference is that they are covered and the user cannot see the dead mice. These traps are very easy to clean as the mouse won’t have the chance to escape from the trap. The trap is also safe to use as it doesn’t snap your fingers or risk the kids or pets getting hurt from the snap.

Top Two D-con Mouse Trap Review 2020

The trap is created in a way that when the mouse eats the bait, it cannot escape but meet its end. For this snap to be operational, one needs to properly set it as this has proven to be challenging, especially for first-time users. When the mouse enters the trap, the snapping mechanism comes down on the neck, and the mouse is killed instantly. This method is humane, unlike poisoning or glue traps.

The only downside with these kinds of traps is that they are not suitable for eliminating a huge population of mice in the house. But if you are patient enough or don’t want to see dead mice, then you can select one of the D-con covered mouse traps below.

D-con Ultra Set Covered Snap Trap

The D-con ultra set covered snap trap is suitable for use in your living room, bedroom, kitchen pantry, and bathroom. One set comes with 5 traps which are enough to catch as many mice as possible. All you have to do is to place the bait in the trap and set it. After killing the mouse, you can either dispose of the mouse alone or together with the trap. You won’t see the killed rat unless you wish to do so. Some people are afraid of seeing a dead animal and this trap helps them dispose of it without getting to see it.
D-con Mouse Trap ReviewCheck Price

This covered snap trap from D-con works very effectively and can be reused. So, it depends on the decision of the user. Also, you can be guaranteed that your kids are safe and they won’t come into contact with the bait or snap. Additionally, your fingers are safe as they won’t be snapped as you place bait like in traditional mice traps.  So, if you don’t want to poison or inhumanely kill the mice, this is the best way to eliminate them from your pantry, barn, or even kitchen. The method may be a bit slow but it is very safe around the house.


  • It functions very effectively in killing mice
  • The mousetrap can be reused or just thrown into the woods together with the trapped mouse
  • It is safe to use in the house as pets and kids won’t be exposed to the trap as everything happens inside.
  • D-con Ultra trap is very easy to add bait and to get rid of the dead mice
  • It is very easy to use as there is no fear of snapping your fingers like in the traditional traps
  • The mousetrap is amazing as you won’t see the mice that have been killed and it is also killed in a humane way.


  • Many users have complained that the trap is a bit challenging to set
  • Reusing the trap is disturbing as you get to see the killed mice in the trap and do the nasty cleanup.

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D-Con No View, No Touch Covered Mouse Trap

If you completely don’t want to see or view a dead mouse at all, then the D-con no view, no touch covered mouse trap is best for you. This mouse trap is very easy to use by simply baiting and setting it. The trap conceals the dead mouse 100% and thus you don’t have to worry about seeing the dead or hurt mice. It is also safe to use as you won’t snap your finger during baiting. Moreover, after you have killed the mice, you can dispose of the trap and dead mouse easily even without seeing it. The device cannot be reused.
D-Con No View, No Touch Covered Mouse TrapCheck Price

Place the mousetrap in your pantry, bedroom, living room, or kitchen to get rid of the small pesky mice in the house. It is very safe to use indoors as the kids and pets will not eat the bait or touch the snap to get hurt. Furthermore, there is no cleanup work required as the entire trap and the caught mouse are thrown away in the woods or in the dustbin.  One trap of the D-con contains a pack of 6 traps which are very effective in performance.


  • It is very safe for use at home as kids and pets do not get in contact with the covered trap or bait
  • It works great in eliminating any mice that enter inside it to eat the bait
  • You will not come into contact with the dead mice as it is concealed inside the trap
  • It doesn’t entail messy cleanup as you will dispose of the whole trap together with the mice
  • It is very easy to use by simply baiting, twisting, and setting


  • It is difficult to determine if the mice have been trapped inside or not unless the weight of the trap increases.
  • Not the best trap if you have dozens and dozens of mice in the house as one trap can only catch one mouse at a time.
  • It is not reusable

D-con is a re-known rat and mice rat killer brand around the world. The company creates very effective and reliable rat poisons and traps. The above two mice traps are one of the best-covered mouse traps and very safe to use where kids and pets are. They are safe and the user won’t see the dead mice unless they wish to do so. The traps may kill one mouse at a time but they are very effective when compared to other traps. Also, they are safe as you won’t snap your fingers as you plant the bait. With these traps, the cleanup process is eliminated as you just need to dispose of the trap away after catching the mice. I hope this D-con Mouse Trap review article has given a clear idea about this brand traps.

If you want a reusable trap, then the D-con ultra set covered snap trap is for you. But for those who don’t want to view the dead rat at all, then the D-con no view, no touch covered mouse trap is what they should go for. Still, have a question after reading this D-con mouse trap review? Comment below.

  1. Bertie White says:

    $2.50 each for these traps! For What? 1st off where you put the bait Peanut Butter! They ate a hole from the top! Ate the peanut butter! Now I’m buying Bowls to feed them! 2nd one I picked up to move and the whole top just lifted right off! So if it would of cought something (But it had no bait now because they ate it) I would of seen it all! The main reason i bought this kind! So i wouldnt see them! So are trying to help feed them for job security???

  2. Bertie W says:

    I know your not going to post my comment! It just the true! I cant use poison because of animals! So no! Now I got to find another way!

  3. Susan Pickett says:

    CRAP!!! Trap went off as I walked away! Was no mouse around! Now gotta get another one. Five thumbs down!!!👎👎👎👎👎

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