Do rats look for water after eating poison?

After getting poisoned, a rat began to show various symptoms. Many consumers think that among the symptoms of rat poison, the movement of the rat in search of water is the most common symptom. They search for water here and there to drink it.

On behalf of this argument, they say that the reason why the rat searches for water is that, after the inner bleeding, they feel the problem of dehydration. Urination in the increased amount also leads to dehydration. In this situation, they become much thirstier for water. So they look for water in that situation.

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3 major effects of rat poison

After a rat gets poisoned, we notice three major symptoms. First of all, the active ingredient, an anticoagulant, in the poison causes internal bleeding. 2ndly, the poison causes brain swelling. The third one is hypercalcemia. These things cause kidney failure in a poisoned rat. The kidney failure of the rat makes them thirstier than usual. In this situation, they randomly search for water. The poison causes dehydration. But not all rodenticides result in the same results. The rats that are poisoned cannot even move here and there for their lack of physical strength.

Does rat poison make rats thirsty?

According to modern research, rat poisons do not make the rat thirsty, and it does not die in search of water. Not only the rat but also any other animal does not feel thirsty because of the poison.

The question may arise as to why rats die in the outside area of the house if those animals do not search for water. The answer is that rats may leave the property for several reasons, and the percentage of rat deaths in the inner part of the house is higher than those in the outer part of the house.

On the other hand, if the nest of the rat is also on the outside, then it will definitely die on the outside. Besides that, they also search for food and water outside on a regular basis.

The interesting matter is that when the rat feels severe inner bleeding held in the body, it can move out of the house.


So we can conclude that the rat does not die instantly, and they die within one week. As long as they live, they move like usual and search for food and water for their livelihood. If their nest is on the outside, they will die outside, and if in the inner of the house, then they will die in the inner of the house. The poisons have no influence on it.

Finally, we may reach our conclusion that some biocidal substances may cause the dehydration of the rat after it gets off the poison, but this is an exception to the common rodenticides that kill the rat.


  • Do rats drink water after eating poison?

No, the rats do not drink after eating the poison. However many people have given their view on the reason the poisoned rat drinks the water, but most of the researchers are in opposition to this conception.

  • What do rats do after they eat poison?

Rats gradually walk to their deaths after eating the poisons. The internal bleeding made their bodies ineffective, and they began to lose their strength and feel the pain.

  • How long does a rat last after eating poison?

Depending on the dose of the poisons, the rats usually die within 2–3 days. After getting poisoned, the rat stops eating the food to avoid the incidents in the next, and thus the way they move towards death.

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