Just One Bite Rat Poison & Bar

Just One Bite Rat Poison & Bar Reviews 2023

Getting rid of mice and rats in your home can be a daunting task, especially, if you use poison or a method that isn’t effective in eliminating them. Some poisons are not effective in killing some types of rats, and they will still loiter around and continue to destroy your food and documents. To avoid this, you need to acquire a proven and effective rat and mouse killer such as the Just One Bite rat poison. Read this Just One Bite rat poison reviews article to find the top poison & a bar that really works.

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Our Recommended Just One Bite Rat Poison & Bar Comparison Table:

ImagesJust One Bite Rat PoisonWhat are the features?
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Just One Bite Ii Bars Mice And Rat Killer
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  • Targeted Species: Mice, roof rats and Norway rats

  • Active Ingredients: Bromadiolone

  • Product Weight: 8 pounds

  • Medium price
  • Farmer Choice
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    Farnam Just One Bite II Bait Chunks, 12 lbs (96, 2 oz chunks)
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  • Ideal for buildings and agricultural areas

  • Active Ingredients: Bromadiolone

  • Product Weight: 13.8 pounds

  • Medium price

  • Summary of Contents

    Top Two Just One Bite Rat Poison Reviews

    Just One Bite poison and bars are some of the most effective rodent killers on the market. Many users applaud this rodent killer stating that it kills easily and the rat, mouse, or squirrel just has to feed once for the effect to be felt.

    Just One Bite rat and mice poison and bar contain an active ingredient which is bromadiolone. This kills fast, and you will be guaranteed even to kill Warfarin-resistant Norway rats. All these rat killers should be used with caution as they can be harmful to our pets and kids.

    Just One Bite Li Bars Mice and Rat Killers

    This is one of the most popular rat and mouse poisons on the market. It is very effective in killing rats, mice, and voles, because of its active ingredient “bromadiolone”. The poison comes in the form of a block that can be easily broken into eight 2-ounce pieces. It is very easy to use, and you should bait it correctly to avoid rats or squirrels running away with it. Use a nail or wire to bait it in position or where the rats are notorious. This will help a lot as they will only consume a small portion and go away for other rodents to have a bite as well.
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    The 16 oz bars are very effective in performance and are all-weather as they can withstand moisture and mold. So, you can leave them outside the house for the rodents to consume. In addition, the bait comes with nibble ridges that the rodents cannot resist but die to have a taste of it. Just one bite of Li bar contains rodents’ favorite foods, grains, and seeds, which makes the rodents do whatever it takes to just have a taste. After consuming the bait bar, the rat or mouse will die within 4 days. Mice die first, and it may even take some hours or a day. For rats, it can be a day to 4 days.


    • It is very affordable
    • The rat or mice just have to feed once for the poison to take effect after a few days
    • The bait is mold and moisture resistant, making it adaptable to different weather conditions
    • It comes with nibble ridges that encourage rats and mice to chew them
    • Just One Bite bars can be used both indoors and outdoors in agricultural buildings
    • It is large and can be used to eliminate the whole rat population in your home or outside
    • It is very efficient in killing rodents
    • The bars contain rodents’ favorite foods, grains, and seeds that rats and mice love, and they are attracted to them.


    • The rats or mice usually run away with the bar if not correctly baited
    • It should be used with caution as it can be dangerous to both pets and kids if consumed
    • Cannot be used inside homes

    Farnam Just One Bite II Pellet Packs

    If you’re tired of Warfarin Norway-resistant rats, this is the poison to use. The Farnam Just One Bite pellets are very effective in killing Warfarin Norway-resistant rats. This is because of the active ingredient which is Bromadiolone. Additionally, this active ingredient can kill in just one feeding, which makes it be very effective. Unlike the Just One Bite bar poison, this poison can be used in homes as it comes wrapped, and the rats or mice have to chew to get to the pellets.
    Just One Bite Bar ReviewCheck Price

    Since the bucker contains 86 packs, this poison will help you to clear the entire rat or mouse population in your home. To properly bait the rodents, you should place the 2 oz chunks in areas where rodents hide or on their path. This will help you clear them quickly. Place this poison away from kids and pets as it can suffocate them.


    • This is a very effective rat and mouse poison as they only feed once to feel the effect
    • It is very effective in killing Warfarin Norway resistant rats and other rodents
    • The pellets contain bromadiolone as the active ingredient, and it can kill after just one feeding
    • It kills just a few days after consuming the poison
    • It is very easy to use as it’s not labor-intensive like bait stations
    • The poison is supplied in large quantities and enough to clear the entire mouse population
    • It works very well indoors by placing it in bait stations


    • It can suffocate both your pets and kids; this should be handled with great care
    • It takes several days to kill, which is a bit longer when compared to some poisons

    About Just One Bite Brand

    For more than 30 years now, Just One Bite has been supplying clients with their highly effective but affordable rat and mouse killers. They are famous for creating products that contain ingredients that rats and mice just die to have. This, in return, has prevented the spread of rodents in homes and farms. As a result, farmers and homeowners have continued to trust this brand and use it regularly or whenever they spot rodents like mice, rats, squirrels, or even chipmunks.

    Just One Bite started off with Warfarin-based rat and mouse baits, which contained the active ingredient bromadiolone. But today, the usual normal yellow packaging contains two different, 100 percent EPA-compliant formulas for the effective elimination of rats and mice. The brand offers the poison in pellets, bars, bait stations, and blocks. Recently, the brand introduced a rodenticide with an active ingredient, “Diphacinone”, which is effective in eliminating rats, voles, and mice.


    If you want to eliminate rats or mice in your backyard, the Just One Bite Li bar will be the best rat poison. But if the rats and mice are in the attic, roof, or in the storeroom, then the Farnam II chunks will be the most ideal. All-in-all, both of these rat & mouse killers are effective, and you will get the results that you have been looking for, which is “peace of mind” after eliminating the rats and mice.


    Question: Does this rat poison kill Warfarin Norway-resistant rats?
    Answer: Yes, Just one bite of rat and mouse poison contains an active ingredient that kills all kinds of rats and mice with Warfarin Norway resistant rats included.

    Question: How long does the poison take to kill a rat or mouse?
    Answer: It takes around 4 to 5 days to kill a rat but some few hours to days to kill a mouse. This is because mice are smaller. Thus they feel the impact quicker than rats, which are bigger in size.

    Question: How many times does the rat or mouse has to feed to feel the effect of the poison?
    Answer: As the name of the rat and mouse poison states, “Just one bite”, the rat or mouse doesn’t have to feed more than once to feel the effect. Just one bite is enough to suffocate the rodent slowly until it perishes.

    16 thoughts on “Just One Bite Rat Poison & Bar Reviews 2023”

    1. Hi, we sell your just one bite bar at our business in Colorado. I have some questions about it that customers have asked.
      I have heard that the just one bite bar contains a poison that is activated once the rat or mouse goes to a water source. It was told to me that once they’ve taken a drink of water, the now activated poison can start to kill them. Is this true? Does water place any sort of role in the activation of the poison?

      On a different note, what is the correct way to bait a mouse or rat with the bite bar so that they don’t run away with the poison and die somewhere to be discovered later when they are smelly and rotten?

      Thank you!

      1. The Just One Bite products do not make the rodents search for water or get dehydrated. It is an anti-coagulant that causes internal bleeding.

        Unfortunately, there is no way to control where the rodent goes to die after ingesting the poison.

        You can use bait stations for residential use(https://bestratpoison.org/best-rat-bait/bait-station/). They contain different active ingredients but come in easy-to-place bait stations large enough to target most household pests.

        1. I did not give it to the squirrel…the squirrel got into my house and sought out the JOBite, opened the package and helped himself. This is day 4 and he’s still alive.

    2. Hi I have place one bite bars through out my house and I have not seen any dead my mouse yet. I have been doing this for a entire week. They are eating the bars like crazy however I don’t understand why I haven’t seen or smell dead mousees yet. Very concern

      1. That’s because you have a large infestation while some are being killed the others will take more time to kill, I found this to be true when I realized that mice has just about been throughout my entire home! I used this and later as a maintenance item I used JT Eaton’s Peanut better flavored rodenticide!

    3. Rat man, rat man, yah that's me

      Man this thing does not work. I have placed it all over my house and the rats aren’t dying, their eating it like crazy. But no dead rats. Would not recommend this. Buy a trap..its way more satisfying. Trust me.

    4. Scooter big balls green

      Man this chit dont work. The rat using this as a ball in my attic , and ripping and running with it, then shooting hoops. I bought the J1B last week. The annoying part is they are doing this in the wee-wee hrs of the night waking me up. I am on the edge of getting an old school BB gun.

    5. Have used this product several times, but have never seen any results. This time I’ve fed them for over a week, 4 bars every night. I tie it down so they won’t take it with them. They come back every night for more. This product is suppose to be better then the others, or is it? Why no results? I would know if it was doing something if the they quit coming, but they keep coming back. What do you suggest?

    6. When the mice consume the product and die will it stink… I was told by the store owner I brought it from said it wouldn’t

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